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Our history is the history of the communist doctrine, is the history of the Marxism-leninism and it is the history of the revolutionary and of class struggle to free the working class of Italy and of the world from the brutishness and from the slavery of the exploitation of the work.
Our history is inspired and guided by the mind and by the work of the four great Teachers of the international proletariat: Marx-Engels-Lenin-Stalin.
The communist mind and the revolutionary strategy to build the communist humanity and the coherent marxist-leninists don’t know other, real teachers.
Our history is that of the marxist-leninists, that get to the organizative experience and to the revolutionary integrity of the bolscevic Communist Party, to the revolutionary impetuosity released by the glorious October Revolution and to the fighting engagement profused by the heroic sovietic people in the building of the Socialism carried out and in the defeat of the nazi-fascism by the Red Army, guided by Stalin.
Lenin and Stalin are our guide in the preparation of the next revolutionary phases to demolish the capitalism and to resume the building of the Socialism in the single countries and in the whole world.

For us Stalin represents the parting between communists and revisionists, in the meaning that the coherent communists can not ignore themselves in the mind and the work of Stalin, meanwhile the one who doesn’t recognize himself in it is surely a revisionist and an anticommunist to be fought in the same way as a bourgeois. Taken notice of the historical painful experience near the defeat suffered by the Socialism carried out in the twentieth century and assimilating the teaching of Marx-Engels-Lenin-Stalin according to whom the principal enemy to be demolished in order to build the Socialism over the Earth are the revisionism, the opportunism, the economicism and the democraticism unfortunately still existent and well radicated inside the national and international communist working movement, our primary dutiful task is just the theoric and political struggle against these positions that obstruct ferociously the building of the historical perspective of the Socialism and of the Communism: without defeating, just about the theoric and political plane, the revisionists there is not possibility to free definitively the Planet from the Capitalism.
Today in Italy the heir of the Italy Communist Party, founded in Leghorn on 21st january 1921, in the ambit of the International Third, wanted and founded by Lenin and Stalin, is the Italian Communist Marxist-Leninist Party (PCIML), founded in Forio (Ischia’s Island - Naples) on 3rd December 1999.
The fundamental engagement is that to favour the unity of the italian marxist-leninists in an only Revolutionary Communist Party to which it concerns the historical task to organize and guide the working class of our Country to the Revolution and to the Socialism.
Our way of communist militants and of revolutionaries began in the Italian Comunist Youthful Federation and in the Italian Communist Party of the years ’40 and ’50 of the twentieth century, experience to which we soon stopped for the revisonist, reformist and opportunist drift of the two organizations.
The syndacalist engagement has been always marked by the struggle of class for the Socialism and against the economicism and the opportunism, against the managerial deviations of the leading groups and against the syndacalist politics of the coplanning with the class enemy. We have fought and we fight for a revolutionary and class syndacate, that to the daily struggles to improve the conditions of life of the working masses unites the syndacalist principal struggle for the Socialism.
We refer ourselves to the editorial and political line of the “Uguaglianza economica e sociale”, newspaper of the left of class for the Communism, published from 1984 to the 1997, and of “Comunismo”, theoric, political and revolutionary newspaper of the Marxism-leninism and official organ of the PCIML.
This Internet link represents a new official heading of the PCIML and it will be, as Uguaglianza before and Comunismo at present, a theoric, political and divulgative instrument to build the Socialism in our country about the direction of the edification of the communist society.
Comrades women and men, working women and men, citizens all welcome in the link of the PCIML, dialogue with us, send us your messages, express your opinions on the composition of the link, adhere and participate to the political struggle, of information, and of counterinformation of the PCIML, to contribute to approach in our country and in the whole world the recovery of the advance of the humanity towards the Socialism before and the Communism after.

The political Office of the P.C.I:M-L


The poem "THE PARTY" by W.V. Majakovskij


by Wladimir V. Majakovskij

Here by us the deepest words
become habits,
they get old like the dresses,
but I want to force a great word
to shine again, the word Party.
A man alone, close in himself,
in what can be useful? Whoever
will listen to him? Perhaps his wife,
and not always, not in public,
for example,
perhaps only in their intimacy.
The Party is a hurricane
full of feeble and faint voices
and at its gusts
the fortalices of the enemy blow up,
like eardrums at the thunder of the guns.
The misfortune is on the man when he is alone.
The bad luck is in the heart of the solitary man.
The man alone is easy prey
of all the powerful figures
and even of the weak ones provided they get in two.
But if in the Party
all the weak men meet,
surrender, enemy, die and lie!
The Party is a hand
with million fingers,
closed in on only one threating fist.
The isolated man doesn’t count,
even if he is strong
he is not able to lift a simply beam,
neither a five storied house.
But with the Party,
by supporting and standing up each other,
we will build till the heaven.
The Party is the backbon of the working class.
The Party is the immortality of our work.
The Party is the only thing, that doesn’t betray.
Today I am an arm salesclerk,
but tomorrow
I will cancel the reigns from the paper.
Brain and exertion,
vigour and glory of the class:
that is the Party.
The Party and Lenin are twin brothers.
Who is whorter in front of History?
We say Lenin and we mean the Party,
We say Party and we mean Lenin.